Natural remedy

Wild Lettuce has also been associated with lessening pain from menstrual cramps, muscle pains, and other tissues that have been irritated. There’s a reason it has earned the name opium lettuce, as it has numbing effects like opiates with the advantage of not being as addictive or dangerous. Therefore, consuming the properties of these leaves can safely give you pain reducing benefits.
It can also be a useful antiseptic.
How to Use Wild Lettuce
When using wild lettuce, you should use dried leaves to get the medicinal benefits. These leaves should be plucked in July and August when they are at their best for harvesting. You can also find supplements and dried versions of the herb if you can’t find it in your backyard.

Wild lettuce is a biennial plant and will look differently, depending on the season. It may have a yellow flower or may only have mature leaves (see images). Wild lettuce can grow incredibly tall- up to almost 7 feet if left untended.