Teen Was Laughed At And Sees 13 Girls Standing In Front Of Him When Got Rejected Before Homecoming

It takes a lot of confidence to ask someone out like for a homecoming especially when you’re the type that is shy and not-so-popular student and have never done it before.

Dakota Nelton, a sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, pumped up his game and ask his friend to the homecoming dance. He haven’t done this before so it was a big moment for him.

But unfortunately the girl rejected him and it happened in front of their class, who laughed and mocked him.

Dakota walked away from the students laughing at him, devasted and wanted to get lost. “It was a tough moment standing in a small circle with the one nod and you just want to get away from that circle,” he told WGNO New Orleans.

Making the matter worse? The rejection was posted on Facebook. A lot of people saw the teen being mocked and laughed at.

A few days after, Dakota went to school not knowing what will happen to him.

While walking at the hallways, he was stopped by a group of girls holding a sign.