Bikers Grab A Casket For Tribute To A Marine Vet Who Dies Alone And No One Claim Him

Military members who died and not claimed by their families were laid to rest with no acknowledgement.

Some veterans who die with or without relatives to claim them. Then there are those families who simply don’t want to claim them.

People deserves a dignified funeral, and these heroic men and women who risked their lives to their country deserves it.

Robert Krause served as a Marine. When he died, no one claimed him.

“Once I’ve heard a rumor that a veteran dies twice: first on the battlefield and second when people forgets them,” said Marine Corps and US Army veteran Nick Morales. “If there’s anything we can do to prevent it, then will do it.”

And so Nick and the members of his biker’s association showed up at Robert’s funeral service and gave him a dignified burial.

Robert received a funeral he deserved, completet with a motorcycle escort and wonderful tribute to him. They were proud to be with him the day of his burial.

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