A 23 Year Old Man Invented A Very Elegant And Cozy Beds From Used And Discarded Tires For Stray Cats and Dogs

Armarildo Silva Filho from Brazil, is a truly artist and a hero to stray cats and dogs.

He was just an ordinary person that is working at the grocery store. Until the time comes and he realized that their is more things to do of his life purpose.

This man always wanted to help others especially to animals and to the environment. And he has this positive thinking when it comes to the items that people don’t use it anymore and they just abandon it or throw it as a trash like used tires and many more.

He then cross his sight with a pile of old discards tires and then his creativity started.

He collected all used and abandon tires from his neighborhood and make a useful bed to animals. He not just make a bed, but a very elegant, cozy bed for stray cats and dogs in Brazil.

From his simple thoughts of wanting to give a helping hand to animals and environment, He created a history to all stray cats and dogs in Brazil and also cleaning the environment.

His creation becomes popular around the globe and he starts accepting order from other country. His creativity is exceptional.

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