A Giant cross washes on florida beach and people are calling it ” It’s a Holy Sign”

A fun Saturday afternoon in Florida Beach, A family decided to ran to the beach shore after checking in Forth Lauderdale Hotel. While walking into the beautiful sand they spot a sight that make them frozen in astonishment.

Same with other people on that beach who came their to relax and enjoy the sunny day, they spot same sight with the first family who notice the object.

What’s that object that make all people in such huge commotion in that beach?
It is a giant cross covered in barnacles shown in the shore.

The people are thinking that is a message and a holy sign. The cross is a symbol and which will lead to those people who are walking in the wrong path.

The owner the hotel where the cross is being found believe that it is not just a holy sign, it is also a protection and must continue our faith.

Since then the story are being scattered and people are coming from different places to visit and witness the symbol of salvation.

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